If you are not registered and logged-in, the shop system treats you as a 'Guest user', since it does not know your target delivery country.

Thus the shopping system cannot preview your delivery cost in your shopping cart. The shopping system will assume that you are a private buyer and you will see prices  with VAT (Value Added Tax) included which is actually only relevant for a private buyer world-wide.

For exact prices outside Germany without German VAT and a precise preview of your delivery cost regarding your country we recommend to register and log-in if you would like to roam the 'shopping area'.


More important ...

You may check-out 'anonymously' as a 'guest user'. But in this case your delivery data is only printed on the invoice. In case of warranty the shopping system does not know anything about you, if you have checked-out 'anonymously' - and if you have lost your invoice with the  'invoice number' on it, it is practically impossible to find any traces of your buy.

Also if the package is returned to us, since you have mis-typed your delivery address, for instance, we have no way to contact you.

So for a smooth warranty claim it is essential, that you have bought as an 'registered user', since you have got a user-ID from your registration which is the key to everything on the WEB site and in the shopping system.



Registering is easy and automatic ...

After you have filled-in the registration sheet an email is sent automatically to the email address that you have specified. If you have received this registration email just click the link in this email and your registration is finished. From now on you may log-in into the account you have created with your registration and the shop-system can react accordingly, since now the target delivery country is known as you specified it in your customer profile with your registration.

On top the check-out will be much more straight forward if you are logged-in prior to checkout your shopping cart.